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As a shameless millennial, I’m at that time in my life where it seems everyone around me either has a baby, is pregnant, is planning to be pregnant, has baby fever (or will have baby fever very shortly). Naturally, this means I have been noticing everything baby & am getting super excited about some of the newest design trends for baby rooms.

Ultimately when designing a baby room, you want to have a space that resonates well with you & your style. It is impossible to know what your newest family member’s style will be or what space will best reflect that little personality that will soon show itself. My word of advice is to create a space that brings you peace & comfort as you will undoubtedly be spending a lot of sleepless nights on the rocking chair in the corner trying to meditate yourself out of frustration. It doesn’t hurt to keep some of the larger, more expensive items like the walls or furniture pieces as a neutral or easily transformable colour so your design budget can be kept reasonable as your baby grows up & wants to personalize their space.

1. The Botanical Baby

Organic accents & the colours of nature was a huge hit in 2018, this isn’t slowing down this year! Right in line with my style, it is very common to see nurseries with large botanical prints on the walls or in accents such as pillows, crib sheets or artwork. Not to mention plants & greenery (my fav!) are HIGHLY encouraged if you are styling your space with this theme in mind!

Blog - Nursery Botanical

2. Jewel Tones

Rich & warm tones bring a modern sophistication to your little one’s space. Deep royal purples, sapphire blues, ruby reds & emerald greens are being used in accent pieces like an accent wall or re-purposed & re-painted dresser. Add in some gold details & textured fabrics to complete the look!

Blog - Jewel Tone

3. Florals, Florals & More Florals

Vintage florals, bold florals, accent florals, garden florals – all the florals! Whether this is a trend that will carry through the whole year or is on high alert because we all cannot wait for Spring, I don’t know! What I do know is that floral nurseries are HUGE right now (& oh so beautiful).

Blog - Nursery Floral

4. Tech Heaven

There are so many new technologies hitting online & retail stores it is hard to keep up. Then you enter the baby world & are overwhelmed all over again! Marketed towards the millennial parent, technological possibilities for your baby & baby room are endless. There are Wi-Fi baby monitors, the mamaRoo swing, Willow’s hands-free breast pump, Smart Soothers (honestly the list doesn’t end so I am stopping here…). Incorporating the ease of technology into your parenting routine can certainly erase some headaches, as long as you are tech savvy (or have a tech savvy someone on standby!).

5. Scandinavian Sanctuary

Massive chunky blankets, pastels, clean lines, geometric designs, texture, playful patterns & of course, sheep, dominate the Nordic style. Paint half a wall diagonally with a pastel yellow paint or make a triangle bunting to hang along the top of a window & you’re halfway there!

Blog - Nordic Nursery

6. The Enchanted Forest

Whimsical, magical, playful – this style is so fun for kids & the creativity never ends! A little secret garden door, mushroom pillows, bunnies & captivating greenery in every corner. If it’s in your budget, hire a professional to paint a large enchanted tree as the focal point of the room! There is little else you will have to do to tie in the theme when there is one large-scale themed element like a mural.

7. (Mini)malism

Clean & simple – you just can’t go wrong! If you follow me on Instagram or read my blog regularly, you’ll know I’ve hopped on the minimalism bandwagon with both feet on board. Not only is the neutrality of the minimalist look easy to transform with changing moods & seasons, it is chic, cozy & cost effective. A neutral nursery means peace & serenity after a long day parenting, working or both. It’s also a great way to incorporate ever changing moods & styles with new accent colours in your crib sheets or carpeting. I am all in on this one!

Blog - Nursery Minimalism

8. Oversized Animals

Massive stuffed puppies, mural paintings of lions, blown up portraits of cute bunny ears & fluffy puff ball tail behinds… While animals have always been a focus of baby rooms, the oversized bear or elephant is a trend!

9. A Modern Mood

Think straight lines, fluffy accents, abstract prints & an acrylic crib. This one is definitely a design for the parents! Mixing in a few traditional pieces like a vintage lamp or patterned rug will add warmth to the space.

Blog Nursery Modern Minimalism

10. The Crafty Natural

Woven baskets for handmade blankets, macramé hanging on the walls or from the ceiling, wooden chairs or bassinets, hand sewn quilts & custom art completes the blissful bohemian vibe of these handmade havens. Not only does this foster a homey feel in your nursery but if you’re the crafty sort & are completing some projects on your own, it personalizes your little button’s first safe space.

Blog - Nursery Natural

If you are planning to have more than one child & want to do different styles each time, the best thing to do is to purchase versatile large ticket items like your changing table, crib & rocking chair. The great thing about a lot of 2019 trends is that they are transformable. If you want a minimalist room for your first but also love the look of jewel tones, grab a can of paint for the wall behind the crib & change the artwork to match!

Regardless of what style you go with, make sure it is one you will love! & get it all done before your little bundle arrives so you can enjoy every minute with them once they are here!

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