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Lara Stasiw West Toronto Real Estate Agent Testimonials

What's Being Said About Lara

We are grateful for Lara being our realtor during the Covid-19 lockdown.

We contacted Lara since she has successfully sold a condo in the same building recently. From the day we signed the representative contract to the closing date, she worked diligently. She brought people to clean the condo and got new light fixtures installed by an electrician, brought in an interior designer and staged the condo so it looked the best. She even brought in a professional photographer to take the photos, made a virtual tour and beautiful brochures. She even found a plumber to fix the shower divider on the date of the closing.

During the entire time, she kept us updated frequently, and used her knowledge and expertise to guide us through the process and ensured everything went smoothly.  She did great work and we are very happy with the result.

W&B – Toronto

Lara Stasiw Real Estate Testimonials Wenran and Baowei

Lara Stasiw is a realtor from Page & Percival Realty Services we had the opportunity to work with. She provided incredible services and was extremely helpful from start to finish.
Not only did she make the experience seamless by covering logistics and ensuring all documents were in order, Lara is always available to answer any (and all) questions. She even went above and beyond to help with furniture suggestions and recommendations (great interior design skills). She definitely made the process enjoyable and stress free.
I was very impressed and would highly recommend Lara for your buying and leasing needs. Couldn’t be happier!

J.Y – Toronto

Lara Stasiw Real Estate Testimonials Jeremy

I am overly impressed with Lara and her work! I was nervous at the beginning thinking I would be stressed with the process and paperwork involved, but Lara was amazing! She was super organized and explained everything thoroughly; she was patient and was quick to answer all of my questions. What I appreciate the most about Lara was that she really listened, understood what I was looking for and at the end ensured that all of my requirements were checked off. Her knowledge, attention to detail, and dedication to her clients puts her services above all others. She made this experience enjoyable and I cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work!

L.T – Toronto

Lara Stasiw Real Estate Testimonials Lynne

I met Lara on a flight from Houston to Toronto a few months ago. I was on my way to Hamilton, ON to tour McMaster University as I was going to start school there in the fall. After striking up a conversation, Lara told me she worked in real estate and I told her I was going to Hamilton to find accommodation for the fall.
Lara was extremely helpful in explaining the renting process to me during our flight. We spent a good amount of time talking about what I was looking for in a rental and how we would go about finding the perfect rental for me.
During my time in Hamilton, Lara was more than willing to make the drive from Toronto to take my dad and I to look at listings. Lara was patient with us and talked us through the entire process, always making sure we were comfortable and aware of the renting policies in Ontario.
On our last day, we stopped at a house that I absolutely fell in love with. I could tell that Lara had paid careful attention to the details I was giving her on the flight about what I was looking for.
Lara was a saint throughout everything! My pup and I couldn’t be happier!

S.S – Hamilton

Lara Stasiw Real Estate Testimonials Shefali

We recently engaged Lara to help us find a rental condo in Toronto’s west end. We were downsizing and moving our home base outside the city and needed a space to accommodate us during the week.  We had a list of requirements and Lara carefully reviewed all our needs and wants. She set up a profile for us so that we would be alerted when new units came on the market.
We had bought and sold many homes in our 30+ years of marriage but I would safely say that finding the right condo was much more difficult. There were so many things to consider.
Lara was knowledgeable about the market and proactive with management companies when we needed more information. She negotiated the terms with the landlord and went over and beyond to ensure our move in went smoothly.
We were very pleased with her expertise and service and would highly recommend her to other downsizers or first-time purchasers!

M & T – Toronto

Lara Stasiw Real Estate Testimonials Mark and Theresa

As a first time home buyer, I was extremely nervous throughout the process and was hesitant to making a purchase that wasn’t right for me. From the onset, Lara was extremely knowledgeable, patient and never pushy. Most importantly, she is an agent with integrity and standards and will educate you on what is important to consider during the purchasing process. She took the time to understand what I was looking for and ensured that the places I considered, met not only my standards, but hers as well.
Another aspect that I truly appreciated, was how she went above and beyond. She helped me find a mortgage broker and was a liaison between condo management when I had structural inquires on a unit. When roadblocks surfaced, she tackled the issues professionally and in a timely manner.
Overall, Lara Stasiw has been reliable, knowledgeable and I am proud to call her my real-estate agent. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

K.M – Toronto

Lara Stasiw Real Estate Testimonial - KM

When we approached Lara, we were unsure whether we were interested in buying or renting as my partner and I were moving in together for the first time. Lara took the time to understand our needs and concerns, and was patient with us as we explored both options. She explained the benefits and drawbacks of renting and buying, highlighting how they pertained to each place we viewed. She didn’t push us into making a decision. Lara acted as a trusted advisor and went the extra mile to ensure we were comfortable and happy with the outcome. Because of Lara, we are renting a beautiful 1 bedroom condo plus den and we couldn’t be happier in our first home! 

J.Z – Etobicoke

Lara Stasiw Real Estate Testimonials JZ

Lara Stasiw is a realtor’s realtor, expert at pairing her every client with exactly the right property.
Which means she’s also the only representative you’ll ever need in finding that special home to buy or to rent.
Highly experienced and deeply knowledgable, Lara will provide you with a menu of places to inspect – which she’s already vetted on your behalf and with your unique tastes in mind. She’ll also guide you through what to look for in making your final decision before making an offer. And there’s virtually no question you can ask her for which she doesn’t have exactly the right and helpful answer, as she’s as knowledgable about building infrastructure and equipment as she is about interior design.
And when it comes to presenting your offer for the place you’re keen to move into, she’ll advocate for your every need with remarkable success.
Which is exactly the experience we had with Lara when searching for our latest home …
And which is why we won’t hesitate to secure her services the very next time we need to move!

D & P – Georgetown

Lara Stasiw Real Estate Testimonials Paula and Denis

We were blown away with using Lara as a realtor. She was knowledgeable, hard working, genuine, and informative. She did not push us to make a decision nor did she push us onto a specific unit to make a quick sale; instead she acted as a consultant by pointing out many features or traits that had helped us with the decision-making process. Having worked in the construction industry, I was surprised with the information I did not know into choosing an apartment that Lara provided.

The whole process originally was very stressful, as it was the first time my partner and I were moving into an apartment together. Lara had made sure that we both had an equal and contributing opinion in what we were looking for in an ideal setting. Other realtors would have pushed me into settling to make my partner happy, where Lara wanted us both to be equally happy in a unit, working overtime so that she can accomplish just that.

Overall it was a lot of fun and we came together to pick a place that we love. It was reassuring to have Lara on our team.

T.W – Etobicoke

Lara Stasiw Real Estate Testimonials TW

We initially reached out to Lara curious about a property we had found a listing for but from the beginning Lara went above and beyond, showing us not only one listing but several others in the area so that we truly explored our options, learned, and felt prepared for any decision we were going to make. Lara had great expertise about the market and area, and was constantly available for us to connect with. While any first home buying experience would be nerve-racking, Lara communicated effectively throughout all of it; sharing her knowledge, opinions and moving things along as quickly and efficiently as possible. Even after closing Lara has been great at helping us as first time home buyers, as we learn the ins and outs of home ownership. We really connected with Lara and felt that she was invested in us and our goals, we could not have asked for more and cannot thank her enough!

R.J – Toronto

Lara Stasiw Real Estate Testimonials RJ

Our experience with Lara was simply outstanding. From the moment we reached out to her to months after close and even now, Lara has been there for us each step of the way. Buying a home is no easy task, but Lara was able to answer every question we had or get the answer as quick as possible. We appreciated Lara’s expertise, dedication and support throughout the home buying process, and quickly knew we could trust her to help us find the best home for us. She made our first home buying experience something we will never forget. I would recommend Lara in a heartbeat (and have) to others I know who are looking to find the right home with the right person to guide the way! Thank you Lara!

F.R – Toronto

Lara Stasiw Real Estate Testimonials FR